QMS Introduction

Quality Management System (QMS) helps and guides corporations to initialize a systematic approach for operation such as organization arrangement, resource planning, product/service realization, and continuous improvement. QMS is essential for product/service-providing corporations since the supplier will use similar or stricter audit methods to ensure the supplier provides qualified products/services.

QMS General Roadmap

As we see the QMS approach, the regulation and customer requirements will always be the initial point for the corporation to build the respective QMS. And QMS will be referred to the four-letter cycle, PDCA (Plan, Do Check, and Act) to improve QMS’ effectiveness and consistency.

When indicating the QMS scope, organization structure, resource management, product realization, measurement, analysis and improvement will always be the core aspect corporation needed for QMS implementation. 

The following chart will be the general breakdown of ISO:9001 2015’s structure and why ISO:9001 is applied here since it’s the bone structure for basic QMS implementation.

ISO 9001:2015 Chapter Breakdown

QMS, in general, is similar to each other ISO clauses, but the ISO application may defer due to the industry application. Regardless, the critical principle for QMS is for the corporation to establish and regulate systematic procedures with proper records.

The following are the common QMS in the industries.

For automobile industrial product

For medical device industry

For testing and calibration laboratory compliance

For Environment, Health and Safety compliance.

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