QMS Document Structure

Documentation is always critical for QMS to establish proper operation processes, and this post will discuss 4 levels of QMS document which is the general classification for major QMS based companies.

For the QMS documentation structure diagram and explanation, please see content below.

QMS Document Pyramids

The quality manual shall include general abstracts of the quality policy, resource management, product realization, and other essential QMS operation flow. In addition, the quality Manual shall give a clear road map for auditors or people unfamiliar with the corporation’s QMS.

Extended details from the quality manual to prevent the quality manual become over-detailed.

Procedures complement the quality manual’s exact details for QMS operations, such as internal audit, supplier quality evaluation, calibration, production management, and many more.

Demonstrate how to initiate and complete respective tasks such as testing instrument operation, quality control measurement operation, production machine operation, and other possible required operations.

Having work instruction helps the corporation minimize variation coming from the appraiser’s end and standardize the operation steps.

Provides a way to track and record QMS operation records for monitoring and improvement.

Record forms will have necessary formats depending on which application is required, so record forms can vary coming from administrative perspective to product development & manufacturing.

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