SIPOC Diagram

SIPOC diagram is one of the useful tools to assist process owners or system owners to layout the process details station by station.

The following below are the SIPOC tree and the respective definitions:


By separating the process nature by identifying process supplier and actions, then the process input and output will be identified in an more accurate manner.

The following example of what a general SIPOC diagram can illustrate:

Standard SIPOC Diagram

However, there are always additional details can be combined into original SIPOC diagrams, see the example below:

Detailed SIPOC Diagram

Additional information such as defect indicator, process owner, CTQ (Critical to Quality) and measures are included to have a more finite definition of caution items within the process.

In conclusion, SIPOC is one of the many ways to have detailed breakdown before deploying control plans for the process or product parameters. 

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