SPC Introduction

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is used in the manufacturing industry for the following purpose:

      • Ensure process is stable and predictable.
      • Enhance product quality, production capacity and reduce cost.
      • Collect reference data for production process analysis.
      • Differentiate regular and special causes for corrective action & preventive action establishment guideline.

SPC has various of forms or tools to be applied with for process monitoring, such as:

Can see the trend charts for numeric variables or categorical variables.

Histogram, Pareto Chart, Scattered Diagrams

For SPC data visualization, the most common 3 charts are:

Process data collection and split into subgroups for data distribution & frequency check.

Analyze problem’s occurrence frequency before prioritizing the problem.

Plot correlation between 2 variables. Where x is the independent variable and y is the dependent variable

Lastly, SPC control charts aided process owners to analyze performance data for process evaluation, but the control chart varies based on the characteristics of data and sample population. Please refer to the following chart for the application of control chart.

SPC Control Chart Roadmap

For detailed explanation, please refer to the links regarding¬†Quantitative Control Chart and Attributive Control Chart‘s explanation

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