35. Process Capacity – Run Rate

In capacity evaluation, process run rate will help process owners to estimate the current capacity based on the existing information and time fraction. It will also evaluate potential customer’s capacity expansion is feasible or not.

But before calculating the run rate information, there are two types of run rate can be looked at. One of them is observe run rate by daily overview with entire process flow while the other one can be seen just by the process station itself. The table below will explain what are the different focus and application based on these two scopes.

Run Rate Observation Comparison Table

For the Run Rate setup, the following information will be gathered with the following steps.

Run Rate Analysis Process Steps

For the daily run rate setup for individual station, the following index and logic will be gathered to evaluate the bottleneck station and individual process step’s detail for good estimation.

Daily Run Rate Calculation Flow

For the process station calculation, please see the calculation below

Process Station Run Rate Setup

And for the interpretation of Run Rate Capacity state, please refer to the summary table below

OEE Level Evaluation

In order to improve or sustain reasonable run rate, please refer to the general direction below (but not limited to)

OEE Level Evaluation

Lastly, to conclude this section. The excel file is attached in the end to demonstrate for examples regarding process overview’s run rate or calculate by individual station. If there are additional questions regarding the run rate setup, do not hesitate to contact or discuss with the author.

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